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#fashiontruth Campaign  |  Launch Creative

My Role: We wanted a game-changer for the ModCloth brand as well as something that our community could relate to and get involved with on an on-going basis. The Director of Communications, the Director of Social and I concepted this campaign from top to bottom. With the objective of featuring our customer more prominently in marketing across the site, our initial idea was ‘It’s About You.’ As the teams got involved and the hashtag #fashiontruth was born, we soon realized it was more powerful in terms of a campaign as well as a message.  We presented to the executive team, got buy in, and then launched into action.  My involvement was top down: concept through all creative and art direction as well as copy, video and launch strategy.


Execution: We wanted to have a personal moment with our community for the launch, so we organized an event in NYC to coincide with NYC Fashion Week.  Our ‘Casting Call For All’ allowed literally any and all to come to the event and tell us their #fashiontruth and be photographed.  From there we uploaded the images to our social channels with the hashtag #fashiontruth to start the program in motion.  We also partnered with a petitioner, Seth Matlins, on his anti-photoshopping initiative, which we included in the overall campaign.

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